Styling your coastal apartment














No matter what your style, when it comes to interior-design for your apartment to be equal parts on-trend and warm, there are some inclusions that will ensure you feel right at home.

Size & Scale: When it comes to living and bedroom styling, playing with scale is key to achieving the right aesthetic for the room. In the bedroom, the lighting, bedside table and bed widths and heights will be key to achieving the right proportion for the room, in particular creating a calm and private space. Take note where windows and doors, archways are throughout the apartment that will impact the overall scale and positioning of furniture.












Right, doesn’t mean always bright light: When it comes to lighting each room should be considered differently. With apartment living in Broadbeach, the paint and fixture finishes will change the tone of lighting and ambience of each room. A cool white can often be rather cold which makes suitable for home office spaces. Consider your artwork, functionality and natural light before deciding on paint colour, pendants or floor lighting. Back lighting is also key when it comes to bathrooms, butler’s pantries and kitchens.

Textured finishing’s & furniture: Creating the perfect aesthetic throughout your apartment comes down to not only the right permanent finishing’s but what furniture accompanies them and brings them to life. The flow of flooring throughout your apartment from kitchen, to dining, entrance and hallways to bedrooms and wet areas like the bathroom and laundry. Teamed with stone, concrete or wooden tops, cabinetry and handles, tapware and sinks the decisions can be overwhelming. Working with an expert design team from conception will ensure that when it comes to pieces you own and love, or new investments all seamlessly come together.













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